Green field site

Our client is a rapidly expanding international firm operating in the food sector, with their roots in Austria. They decided to set up a green field site in the Netherlands, extending their production capacity.

Setting up a green field site requires a broad scope, detailed knowledge of regulations and strong commitment, given the sense of urgency linked to this kind of processes. Global Forward accepted this challenge.

Global Forward Approach
Given our background and alliances, we are able to give full support to our client, based on the one-stop-shop concept. All areas of our compliance services are properly covered: accounting, reporting, process and tax. A proper balance of co-sourcing has been agreed with our client, focusing on maximum efficiency. It speaks for itself that adequate communication is needed to operate as a team.

The operation is running smoothly. An example of working together, using all available capabilities. We are in control; our client can fully focus on operating their business. Global Forward is taking care of the compliance issues on an as-needed basis.