SOX testing support

Our client is a listed company in the US. Their activities are spread around the world, and are focused on movie-related services.

The client’s local European operations are organized lean and mean, heavily focused on their core activities. Given the strict SOX regulations, adequate testing of the internal controls is of great importance. Global Forward operates as a flexible team, on an as-needed basis.

Global Forward Approach
For this company, compliance with Section 404 presents a challenge in terms of time, resources and skill sets. The operations are geographically dispersed. Global Forward supported our client through on-site visits to observe and document the internal control environment. Given our experience and skills we made optimal use of the client’s available documentation and working methods.

Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requires a report outlining executive management's responsibility for internal controls and procedures for financial reporting and a current assessment of their effectiveness. Global Forward supported management on time and in budget. An example of working together - client, external auditor, Global Forward - with great results. The external auditor attested the evaluation.