Optimal use of workflow


Our client is an Italian company expanding their activities into The Netherlands. A major project with a timeline of 18 months, involving more than 150 employees.


The organization in The Netherlands is heavily focused on execution. The administrative workload should be limited to a minimum level. Bean-counters dampen the genuine drive to perform. Efficient and effective outsourcing of the accounting work should enhance the success of the project.

Global Forward Approach

Our objective is to maximize efficiency resulting in cost-effective solutions. We analyzed the existing workflow with a strong focus on available key data. An in depth understanding of the workflow is the key to our success.


Within three weeks we have introduced a multi-language portal, in which the workflow is integrated. All relevant parties have the ability to use the data stored in the portal. Our accounting department has linked the portal data with our multi-language online bookkeeping system. Our function as accounting department was minimized to control the complete process, linking digital data into the accounting system. A risk based review of data completed the job.